Style and comfort encapsulated. Harrys of London was founded in 2001 with a clear objective that remains to this day: to fuse contemporary design, time-tested craftsmanship and technical innovation and produce shoes that both look and feel great. Each Harrys shoe is designed and developed at our London studio and crafted at our specialist production facilities in Italy and Portugal.

Our Technology

At the centre of each and every Harrys shoe is the unique Technogel 3D innersole. Designed and produced in collaboration with the ergonomics and shock absorption experts Technogel, the 3D innersole is constructed from myriad gel-filled capsules, each of them working to ensure all-round weight distribution and impact relief and provide a perfect, one-of-a-kind fit.

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Further evidence of Harrys’ commitment to technical innovation comes in the form of our signature Windsurf rubber sole, which was developed 
in partnership with Vibram, the leading Italian outsole designers and manufacturers. A defining feature of the trademark, ever-popular Basel and Downing loafers, the Windsurf sole is made from materials designed for windsurfing shoes and offers unbeatable flexibility, abrasion resistance and traction.

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Materials & Sustainability

With style and durability in mind as much as comfort, equal attention is applied to outer materials: Kudu suede is incomparably soft and plush, Tech Leather is water and scratch proof and always immaculate, satin calf leather stays super smart, and premium, naturally tumbled soft-milled calf leather 
is perfectly pliable and flexible.

The quality of the materials we use is also an important factor of Harrys’ commitment to sustainability. We are constantly striving to reduce emissions across our supply chain, and the high quality of the materials we work 
with means that each pair of Harrys’ shoes simply lasts longer, which 
lessens environmental impact as well as giving you further enjoyment 
and greater value.